Water Management

Effective Water Management

Water conservation is no longer just a responsibility but is a law in California. With our effective water management and conservation services, we aim to help you meet your water conservation targets and also promote sustainability. With our advanced water management techniques and state-of-the-art hardware components, we can budget, manage and provide water reductions at every possible turn.

If you're planning to install a new landscaping setup at your home or your property still under construction, put us in charge from the inception stage so that we can study your landscape and come up with an optimal water utilization policy for your property. You will save more when we design and install landscape systems from scratch. Call us at 858-560-8555 to use our water conservation services and ask about our drainage and drought services too!

Our Water Conservation Goals

  • Reduce water costs
  • Conserve water usage
  • Reduce pollution (contamination from fertilizer or pesticide run-off)
  • Maintain a healthy landscape
Water management

Incredible Hydrozoning Services

Depending on the water needs of your plants, we can develop landscape zones within your property. This is called hydrozoning. It helps you to place plants with different watering needs in different watering zones.

We can also install smart irrigation controllers which can automatically adjust irrigation schedules depending on real-time weather data. We can help you cycle your sprinklers so that there is no run-off and water wastage.

We can also repair your irrigation systems in a timely manner. Your plants will benefit immensely from our irrigation auditing services. Getting an audit done will help you to know how much each zone needs to be watered to meet their monthly requirements. You'll get a detailed written report after our inspection. In our report, we'll identify the possible areas of improvement and the repairs needed.

Sustainable Urban Landscape

Sustainable urban development is a concept that aims to provide a landscape that benefits the local environment. By selecting drought-tolerant plants and pest-resistant plants for your landscape use, you can decrease the need for chemical and water usage. The six important aims are:
  • Water conservation
  • Storm water and erosion management
  • Landscape safe from fire
  • Reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Improved plant health
  • Integrated pest management 

Water-Smart Landscape

Water-efficient landscape needn't be barren. It could be a display of stunning colors, vibrant flowers and a diverse landscape. Using different types of plants can make your lawn more pest-resistant and water-tolerant. It can help reduce water use by 50-75%, helping you save money. These types of landscapes are also low-maintenance.

Smart landscapes include:
  • Limit the use of turf to be functional only
  • Use water-efficient, native and drought-tolerant plants
  • Practice hydrozoning, group plants according to their water needs
  • Apply water efficiently, using drip or low volume irrigation
  • Use mulch to cool the soil surface and hinder evaporation
Advances in 'smart' technologies have improved the irrigation systems and components, promoting healthy and attractive landscapes by improving water efficiency. By ensuring that every hydrozone has the same water requirement, you'll be able to save water and energy. It will also reduce fertilizer and pesticide use. This will also prevent water contamination.

Smart controllers allow scheduling the amount of irrigation needed based on the type of landscape and current weather conditions, avoiding over-watering and excessive run-off. By utilizing rotating nozzles, water is applied more slowly and uniformly allowing the ground to slowly absorb. Reducing water run-off means compliance with city storm water acts.

Meeting Reclaimed Water Regulations

The city of San Diego has two reclamation plants - North City Water Reclamation Plant and South Bay Water Reclamation Plant. After receiving treatment at these plants, the recycled waste water becomes fit to be used for non-drinking, manufacturing and irrigation purposes. Using reclaimed water is cost-effective, reliable and good for the environment.

There are extensive rules and regulations regarding the use of recycled water. The city rules mandate that all pipes, sprinkler heads and irrigation equipment be properly marked, color-coded purple and have the correct signage to distinguish them from potable water supplies.

Our services will help you comply with the city regulations.
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